How the Pandemic Changes our Lives

2 min readDec 4, 2020

Maria Herdina — 20.67.0021

The epidemic of COVID-19 has completely changes our lives, not just everyday assignments but economy and business, bringing the impact and changing our everyday lives and lifestyle.

Our usual habits changed and we have to stay clean and sanitized when we got out, wearing our masks or face shield. Our activities such as schools, works, college and events must be protected with mask or keeping everything clean and sanitized.

COVID-19 has changed our behaviors, we must follow health protocols so we can be healthy, and our behavior changed towards people who either follow the protocols or not. Schools and college provides and improved online learning, which has pros and cons, also events and workplace for social and physical distancing.

People must keep their distance from each other, to prevent the spreading of the virus increasing, this changed our behaviours.

However, there’s one problem; why’s there many people did not follow the protocols?

They thinks that the virus is hoax, although it wasn’t hoax, our perspectives changed and criticize people who disobey and didn’t follow the rules. They mostly didn’t care and thinks everything is fine on their own, but that’s not all, this era of 2020 greatly affects our economy and many businesses struggled and trying not to get bankrupt, there’s many businesses that left bankrupt.

In Indonesia, the Omnibus Law has established which caused pros and cons. One does agree that it invites all foreign investors from outside the country to keep the economy stabilized, it give advantage to businesses, and one does not agree that it gives disadvantage to the workers — but the problem is that there’s so many things that untrue and hoax — affecting them to believe the wrong part of the issues.

This affects our everyday lives as well, considering that it was to keep the economy safe and stabilized, even though there’s pros and cons.

My conclusion is — this pandemic changing our lives and values of health protocols, when people did not follow, we criticize their actions and thinks that they didn’t follow the rules.

Our behavior changed towards the pandemic and must not getting infected, people thinks the virus is dangerous, but the others thinks that it was just flu and cough, however they must keep their distance safe.